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The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is mandatory for students willing to do Bachelor's Courses from USA / Canada.

The SAT exam is held at specialized training centres across India. It has 20 tests in 5 subjects and one can attempt the exam up to 6 times in a calender year.

An SAT exam has of the following subject areas:

1. Mathematics — Level 1 has questions on geometry and algebra. Level 2 has questions on these as well, plus it has trigonometry and pre-calculus.

2. History — This section tests your knowledge of US and World History, and how you decipher their knowledge in line of current events.

3. Quantitative — You have the option of choosing from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

4. Verbal – You can demonstrate your knowledge of any of these foreign languages – French, German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Modern Hebrew, Italian and Spanish.

5. English – This section will ask you to interpret paragraphs and sentences.

Visitor Visa Consultant in Mohali purpose of SAT is to prepare you for the kind of thinking that will be entailed in your undergraduate courses.All leading Business schools in North America require a decent SAT score. Getting a good SAT score makes you eligible for scholarships and also the Visa Officers at the American Embassy give more points to applications with a SAT score.

SAT Services provided by Destination The Ultimate Beginning:

Exam Preparation: Our team will provide you A-Z information on Exam Preparation for SAT and provide assistance in preparing for the topics.

Online Registration: We'll provide assistance in registering for the exam, including online payment, at the centre of your choice.

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Mock Tests: We'll conduct mock tests before the final exam, so that you have fair bit of practice before the big day.