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Permanent Resident Visa!

Permanent Resident is someone who is a non-citizen of the country, but has a permanent visa for his stay. It’s pretty understandable why permanent resident visas are complicated, and the terms, norms, and aspects are often too many.

Countries that offer migration for Indian citizens

  • UK

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Europe

Please note the rules and norms of immigration change frequently, and new options are often available. In the case, you want permanent residency in a country that’s not listed above, please contact Destination The Ultimate Beginning experts today. Our consultants will check the requirements and evaluate your possible chances.

Understanding permanent residency options

There are varied kinds of permanent residency options, depending on the country and their norms. In most cases, a long-term visa can be converted into citizenship at some point. People choose to immigrate for a number of reasons, not limited to

  • Retirement benefits
  • Better education for children
  • Better healthcare
  • Better quality of life

The types

  • Skilled Immigration: This is a point based visa, and you need to be below 51 years of age to get this visa. You need two years of work experience with good English, with an occupation.
  • Sponsored Immigration: In this case, the terms are same as skilled immigration, but is sponsored by the state. Long term visa is converted into PR and citizenship.
  • Employer based immigration: If you find a full-time job from a trusted employer, this might be your way of getting a PR status.
  • Family Migration: In some countries, a permanent residency visa is granted to anyone who has sibling, parent, or first cousin overseas.
  • Investment Migration: Some countries allow a long-term visa for considerable investment in certain projects.

Can I apply?

Destination The Ultimate Beginning suggests that you opt for a complete evaluation process with us. Getting a permanent visa is not easy for sure, and it is wise to consider the facts, terms and relevant conditions before applying. We will help you in understanding the possible issues and causes, if any, and our team will also assist with the related paperwork.

Why work with us?

Destination The Ultimate Beginning is one of the few companies that specialize in consultancy services for different permanent resident visas for different countries. With a team of experienced professionals, we can help in easing the lengthy process, which can take time.

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